margaritadad: (pic#11611025)
Joseph 'Cool Minister' Christiansen ([personal profile] margaritadad) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2017-07-31 06:13 pm (UTC)

joseph 'how dare you bring up my wife while you're my side hoe' christiansen, reporting for duty

I came here to talk about how to help someone I care about, Robert.

[Ambiguity. Potential double-talk. It's the only tool Joseph reliably has going for him right now.

Joseph swallows down some glass-shaped reservations about having come over, carefully tries to shelve his pain behind the drink he returns to. After a few swallows, he puts the cup down on the table. It's mostly gone, by now, the lime capsized into the ice.

I'm perfectly happy to leave the pain behind us and just live in the moment, for tonight.

[Isn't that what you just asked for, Robert? He's the one who keeps alluding to past pain, and now he's accusing Joseph of wanting to talk about that pain - not true at all. Let Joseph steer this towards calmer waters, Robert. Let Joseph take care of the mood.]

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