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[from here]

[Joseph hesitates in his kitchen for several quick heartbeats. (Does Robert know? Does he know what he does to Joseph's self-control?) He ends up touching that mixer again, one more time.

When he leaves the front door, it's with caution and some degree of shame. He really does feel bad hurting Mary, even when she's someone who's hurt him so much too. And he doesn't like thinking that every step away from each other they take means it's going to be that much harder to act normal at public gatherings.

But by the end of the driveway, his spine is straightened. By the time he's across the street, his shoulders are square.

By the time he's hit Robert's driveway, Joseph feels that little buzz of happiness ringing right through him.

He's walking right towards a new chance, a new anything, and that feels so much better than what he's leaving behind--

Watch it, Joseph. Not so fast.

He knocks, even though he was told to let himself in.

It's dim in the entryway. By the light streaming out from the kitchen, where Robert is, it's probably visible that Joseph is carrying not one, but two glasses with him.

Robert, pacing near his kitchen table with a cigarette in his mouth. Robert, with disheveled hair and shirt and jacket, as if he'd just gotten home and hadn't bothered taking it off yet.

Joseph has a genuine pause where he just looks at him. And then he collects himself.

Thought you might want a peace offering, first.

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