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Open Post: Tate Langdon

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There really was only ever the chance for a negative response, wasn't there? Hannibal waits it out patiently, face as impenetrable as ever. It bends only when Tate verbally responds, flush creeping up his neck and against his cheeks. Tate's embarrassment spills over, guilty and bold as blood, and Hannibal's face thaws into something impassively kind. He doesn't fawn with sympathy, he doesn't reassure. He doesn't panic in the face of Tate's discomfort, because his words didn't backfire. They're doing whatever it is they were meant to do, and Hannibal is happy to watch that effect.

If nothing else, perhaps Tate can sense how Hannibal is unruffled and unembarrassed at his own overreaction, and can take comfort it in later. For now, Hannibal is letting him go easily. "Some things are best when they are heard, regardless of how much we tell ourselves we already know them. Like nourishment for the spirit. You can't eat once and expect you won't need it ever again." Hannibal's eyes linger on Tate, as long as they can as he turns away to open his office door.

Now inside the office, Hannibal pins him once again with a stare. "I realize we are skipping our session for the day, but if you need anything, please simply knock." Hannibal keeps fingers wrapped on the handle, ready to close both the door and this conversation.