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Interpretation more important than the signs themselves... Lydia immediately grows thoughtful as she considers Hannibal's words. It almost doesn't agree with her, until she considers that 'signs' really have no power without the person's interpretation. Interesting.

And now he speaks of God -- Lydia's eyebrows bounce briefly. He never came across as a religious individual before. She herself comes from a household that practices dogmatic rituals only out of the habits that precede her very own parents. Parents who married in a church because it's expected, parents who only say grace at Thanksgiving. The most Lydia knows of God comes more out of romantic-era novels and scenes painted in frescoes than the Bible.

But, tea, Lydia. "Uh, sure," she replies. Her words sound indifferent, but her tone does not.

She thinks about what Hannibal has said, fingertip tapping a soft, uneven beat on his desk, beside the remaining photo. "I like to think things happen for a reason. It used to just be something my dad told me, but..."

Lydia turns her attention to the desk's surface; it's immaculately smooth, even for wood. It's almost distracting while she speaks. "I've also experienced some things that I think...were really important, too. I guess--" Her head bobs back, upright again. "If...someone believes in fate, then they believe that...God made it happen, though. Like...an artist controlling his paint strokes?" She's trying to run with your metaphor, Hannibal.

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