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Hannibal the Cannibal {Dr Hannibal Lecter} ([personal profile] itrhymes) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2017-07-19 10:13 pm (UTC)

safe platonic touch, ft. hannibal lecter [totally forgot the only other thread here is porn?!]

The bathroom smells like olive oil soap and charcoal. The steam rises soft and drifts past Hannibal's ankle as he opens and closes the door.

No reaction from behind the shower curtain. Hannibal is too quiet.

"Ichabod," he says low, and that gets him a muffled sound of surprise. "I believe it might benefit both of us if I join you."

Hannibal is already nude, clothes from the day deposited neatly in his bedroom's hamper. He moves with a comfort as though he's still fully clothed.

But he still pauses just at the shower curtain's barrier, a symbolic suggestion more than a means of keeping anything out or in. Fingers pause in the air just before the curtain, not drawing it back without another symbolic gesture -


Voice softer. Eyes not as soft, eyes intense and unapologetic and a crushing warmth. "May I join you?"

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