itrhymes: (pic#7884358)
Hannibal the Cannibal {Dr Hannibal Lecter} ([personal profile] itrhymes) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2016-02-15 12:15 am (UTC)

He's miscalculated, but only slightly. Hannibal was anticipating more alarm about their coupling, or perhaps more questions about positioning. This - more involvement - it's new. Bold. Hannibal watches Ichabod lean onto an elbow, neck arched to see the hand on his hip.

"Of course, Ichabod." What else could he possibly answer with? Hannibal is the ideal consenting partner, while that's what will ensnare Ichabod. But something wicked curls the corners of his mouth. There's a flash of teeth. "Be my guest."

If sex is supposed to be fun, Hannibal is absolutely doing it right.

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