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ᴍᴜsᴇ ♛ ʟɪsᴛ

ichabod crane | malleusveritatis

detective, pathologist | sleepy hollow (1999)

det. rustin cohle | littlepriest

nihilist with a heart of gold | true detective

lydia deetz | hauntedhome

forlorn teenager, seer of strange | beetlejuice

tate langdon | go-away

ghost, killer, pity monster | american horror story

morgan blake | corvidly

exorcist, raven spirit | original character

ishii o-ren | hokori

yakuza queen | kill bill vol 1

ellen ripley | signingoff

engineer, pilot, badass | alien/s

dana scully | fieldreports

special agent, skeptic | the x-files

alastair godwin | wildnobility

bard, treasure seeker | dungeons and dragons

tenou haruka | herboyishcharm

outer senshi, wind chaser | bishoujo senshi sailor moon

"mrs. white" | mrswhite

widow, murderer | clue (1985)

¥o-landi vi$$er | queenrat

gangster, criminal, cutie | chappie

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