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open post: Robert Small

by ariphyll @ tumblr

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[Joseph's pulse goes up immediately. Adrenaline hits like a wall, and Joseph's never been good at acting unaffected by other people's-- intensity. He always wants it - wants to cause it, wants to see it. Wants to be the epicenter of someone else's loss of control.

His hand is on Robert's quicker than considering it. Joseph's too drunk to worry about tomorrow. He's always wanted to be able to lose himself in now, and alcohol just makes that easier.

'...the only person you really care about is yourself.'

Dammit, Robert. [Robert's wrist is about the same size as his own. Here, both of them stretched and crouched across the table, they're about the same height. Joseph smells tequila on Robert's breath and wants to taste it.

Joseph's other hand goes up, grips the point where Robert's neck and shoulder connect with bruising force.
] Why do you think I wanted to see you? You know I care about you.