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open post: Robert Small

by ariphyll @ tumblr

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[Logan is...actually pretty fucking lucky he thought to shut his phone off at all. He usually forgets about the damn thing for hours-long blocks of time. And it would really hurt his '200 pound ninja' thing he's got going on right now if his ass pocket kept lighting up with Robert trying to harass him.

Still, he ends up checking it, when he brushes back up against a tree and re-registers the weight there.


[1/2] I'd save your energy, if I were you.

[2/2; two minutes later] You'll need it soon.

[Cologne, leather. Sun-cooked hair.

That's him.

Logan lets himself be heard, just for a few steps. He's coming closer, inching forward, and then--

Nothing at all.

The ambient forest sounds slowly fade out, as if everything is collectively holding its breath.
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[Logan's found the spot... but Robert's not crouched on the ground there. And Logan finally realizes what had him going in a circle earlier about the scent he was catching - it's from so high up, the wind was moving it further.

Now, though, he's gotten close enough to know it's Robert, and that it's Robert up a tree. He can see him - just there. The gleam of moonlight off his eyes, the barest brightness in the dark.

Logan hones in, finds a well-placed branch, and jumps.

It's easier on that first branch. It's sturdy, thick, supports his weight easily. (Obviously, or else how would tall, dark, and clearly-doesn't-do-parkour have gotten up here?) From there, it's a matter of touch and sight, mostly the former. Logan runs fingers along the trunk, finds the strongest branches, pulls himself up with an animal confidence.

The scent's so much stronger, up close. He's never needed to pay this much attention to it.

There's a certain silence before it happens. A bit of creaking, if you're already paranoid enough to be on high alert - Logan's good, but he's not perfect.

But there's probably not enough warning before a rough hand grabs the underside of Robert's jaw, palm and fingers spread out against his throat. Robert's head knocks - not too unkindly - against the tree trunk as Logan figures out how to get a good hold on him.

His voice comes from barely an inch behind Robert's ear.

Found ya.
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[Logan's trying to fuck with him, but he isn't trying to actually hurt him. He scoffs and keeps an eye on the flailing limbs, lets Robert grab at his arm for balance when he immediately throws himself off-kilter when he's gripped from behind.]

If you ain't prepared to tango with dangerous men, Robert-- [Logan pulls with the hand still squeezing carefully against Robert's jaw. He's tugged back as if he weighed as much as Betsy does, and their shoulders bump. Logan's wrapped close to the tree trunk, leaned around it to be almost flush to where Robert is.

Because, really, there's only so many ways it's possible to balance in a tree, no matter how sizable it is, so they're just going to have to be pretty damn close.

--then you might wanna rethink your next big heist. [Said right into Robert's ear. Logan's heart rate is up from the chase, and it's possible he's being just reckless enough with the excitement that he's close enough that Robert can feel the toothy grin.]
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[Yeah, yeah, yeah. Logan's got a very specific set of skills. And apparently, he's somehow gotten to the point where dangerously showcasing what he's capable of is worth...what's just happened. What was essentially a prolonged game in the woods, all just to keep upping the ante of goading each other on with his new friend drinking partner.

It's...sounding a little more ridiculous the more he examines it.

What isn't sounding ridiculous, though, is the thudding heartbeat so close by. The way Robert's scent blossoms into the air - pheromones, shit, man - and his body language opens by degrees.

Logan knows this dance, too, even if he's not always half as careful during it as he is during search-and-seize missions.

Robert squeezes his arm tighter, leans his head as far as it'll turn to talk to him. Logan can just barely see the difference between iris and cornea, can tell mostly-blind human eyes are searching for him in the dark.


Well, I'd say be careful what you wish for.

[Logan doesn't yank them both out of the tree yet, even though he knows his shoulders could handle Robert's weight. But he lets the blunt edges of his fingertips dig in slightly, lets the pressure on Robert's neck just barely increase. Not enough to cut off air, but enough that it's undeniably intentional. Logan doesn't budge except to pull Robert closer once more, by his throat.

Logan feels Robert's ear against his mouth. Fuck.

Or you just might get it.