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open post: Robert Small

by ariphyll @ tumblr

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[ He's just coming by to pick up the cat. That's all this is about, it's all it needs to be about. Robert is just being Robert, and it's up to him to stay the mature adult about all of this.

It always is. He's always the one to hold back, hold it together, push things away even if he wants them.

God, how long has it been?

Mouth thinning into a grim line he tips his head back, takes a cool, calm breath of that crisp autumn air, before starting to make his way around the cul-de-sac towards Robert's house. Just get the cat and go. No problems necessary, no ugly confrontation for the neighbors to see.

It'll be fine. ]
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[ He's got a hand halfway raised to briskly knock as soon as he hits that last step, but it tugs open abruptly. Ah. He's been waiting, then.

Just handle this civilly. No reason they can't. Just make light, be as pleasant as possible, and if Robert is Robert about the whole thing, well...he's done all he can, hasn't he? No one could blame him for that.

Joseph's eyes move over the figure in the doorway briefly before the hand lowers, and a tight smile works across his lips. ]

Heard you're harboring an escaped convict.

[ He knows better than to invite himself in. He doesn't think Robert would actually stab him, but it might be better not to tempt him. Depends on how much he's already been drinking this morning. ]