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Robert Small [ "knife dad" ] ([personal profile] fourknives) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2017-08-01 11:33 pm (UTC)

[ Oh, no he fucking didn't.

Robert swipes out across the table, fingers snagging on the collar of Joseph's polo. His elbow snaps in and he pulls the other man roughly into the table, closer to him -- the wooden table groans against the man's weight. With the leverage, Robert kicks his own chair back as he moves to half-stand over the table, the clatter deafening as it is sudden. ]

If you got something to say, then I got a recommendation for you.

[ Robert is drunker than he realizes. His strength is going a little unchecked, vision tunneling, and right now it's honed in on Joseph's immaculate, stupid fucking face. ]

Say it quick, before I make it really hard for you to speak at all. [ Are you going to make this about Mary like you insisted in the beginning? Are you going to make this about Robert? Better choose soon, before he knocks your teeth in -- because Robert's only problems with 'conveying his feelings' come from you, smartass. ]

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