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Robert Small [ "knife dad" ] ([personal profile] fourknives) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2017-07-30 03:03 am (UTC)

[ Robert grins to himself in the dark and locks his phone. It's really hard not to get too snarky.

But he doesn't want the distraction. All right then. His eyes peer through the darkness, vision adjusting even further, catching more details in the trees and rocks and distant city lights that flicker like tiny bugs.

He can hear movement. Still no flashlight -- damn, if that's Logan, then Robert is both impressed and really hopeful that he was an idiot and forgot a light. But, Logan could just use his phone...he clearly has it...

Robert isn't very high up off the ground. He's not spry enough these days to scale a tree like he used to be able to twenty years ago, but he's definitely two or three high-hanging branches up in a tree where the bottom six feet of trunk is bare to the elements. From his view, he expects to see Logan any minute now, especially given the closeness of the sounds.

Until... Suddenly, all is quiet.

Did Logan stop?

Robert doesn't realize that he's holding his breath, straining to hear any sound. ]

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