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Robert Small [ "knife dad" ] ([personal profile] fourknives) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2017-07-30 12:47 am (UTC)

[ Betsy senses an arrival before Robert hears steps at his front door. Somehow, it makes Robert feel more tense, having that knowledge come even just seconds sooner than could have anticipated for himself. A sudden misstep on a staircase that he really doesn't want to be descending.

Joseph knocks -- of course he fucking does. Robert snorts into his glass of whiskey in the silent kitchen as Betsy's full claws scrape excitedly down the hall to the door.

At least he obeys and let's himself inside. Robert gathers up a few more scraps of what he can attempt to call 'reservation' and downs the last of his drink as the guest moves into his house, closer to him.

He doesn't look at Joseph as he finds him, entering the room. Doesn't look at him when he speaks.

Again, he scoffs, a sound more like a grunt, eyes cast to the floor.

A peace offering. Hilarious. ]

Sounds like somebody's housing a guilty conscience. [ Robert finally regards Joseph with a sharp glance -- and his eyes fall and catch on the pair of...glasses in one hand. ]

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