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Metallic sounds mean Wray is cooking. Metallic sounds also mean Wray is getting tools. Will's head is tilted back, eyes as attuned as they'll get to the dim light and still barely able to see the closet ceiling. He knows it's cracked plaster, a pale cream. He glanced at it the fifth time the door was opened while he flinched from the light.

Wray doesn't usually come visit him right after eating. But Wray always comes to visit him right after gathering tools.

In the dark, Will's shoulders shiver. His breath is harsh.

He wonders if he should try to kill Wray before he loses any more strength.


The pot fills with soapy, already-filmed water in the sink. Wray moves through his kitchen with wrote memory guiding his feet, stiffly creaking his fridge door open to stack leftovers in it, drying hands off on the towel hanging against his stove.

He makes it back to the kitchen door before animal instinct growls in the back of his mind. Wray freezes on the doorstep, small eyes narrowing. Both feet firmly planted, he leans back in, enough to look across towards the back door, his boots sitting by it, the wide window still left closed, the pantry doors.

A shadow. No movement to catch his reptile brain's attention, but the instinctive knowledge that his pantry didn't have that thickness of form so close to the slatted doors before. A stripe of foreign brown.

Wray takes off into the brief hallway off his kitchen, feet loud on wooden floors.

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