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Detective Rustin Cohle ([personal profile] littlepriest) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2017-03-03 01:28 am (UTC)

An apology for being cuffed? Rust almost laughs; there have been much worse things done to him than being arrested that truly call for an apology or two, so this doesn't exactly bother him in the grand scheme of things.

But now Graham goes quiet while his body language becomes a siren, making Rust question his initial impressions of him -- specifically, the one about him being a nervous kind of guy. No, now Graham seems nervous, pacing and awkwardly looking up as if he's got a blasé remark on the weather burning a hole in his tongue.

A scoff dies in Rust's aching lungs, coming out more like just a sharper exhale. Taken by surprise, he blinks and stares at the detective, as if unsure what he just heard. There isn't much relying on Rust to respond, though, not before Graham just keeps going.

And then Rust finally laughs -- just a little, a couple of syllables that grind out of his throat under a tired expression. If you don't know Rust very well, you'll miss the intent of the sound, given the lack of a smile to pair with it. "I thought you said you weren't a nervous talker."

Make no mistake -- Rust feels a hot spark of annoyance at what is being pointed out, and the equally uncomfortable length at which it's being addressed. But at the same time this isn't his reporting officer riding his case, and Rust doesn't want to waste what little desperately-needed energy he has left on fueling this ambitious flame catching at his his bone-dry attention span. Not yet.

Because honestly, Graham is one of the more palatable law enforcement workers Rust has had extended contact with in quite some fucking time. He lets himself relax back, eyes sliding closed and swallowing against the re-hydrated feeling in his throat, forcing an essence of being unbothered by what Graham just pointed out. "I'm on the come down, so there's little use for that, and it sure as hell won't do anything for the real problem I have right now."

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