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"Not with you wearing an Iron Crusaders jacket still, we definitely can't." Cohle might otherwise not throw off anyone who doesn't know better - everyone in the department isn't dumb, but it's not like everyone memorized the faces of the people that got hurried past them into cells at the front of the building already - but he's not exactly dressed the part of an average citizen.

Not like he couldn't just take it off, of course, and stop having a gang logo stitched aggressively into the back of his clothes, but.

Speaking of motorcycle gang affiliations, though.

The room's had enough time to fully collect what it contains, and Will can smell Cohle on the air - the bite of anxiety, the twist of fear, the way gun powder seems scraped along the walls by now. And he's just a guy with an average sense of smell, standing barely within arm's reach of him. Tension coils off this guy in nearly-visible waves, Will's sense of him rattling down to his bones.

The echo of Hill's annoyance rings in Will's ears when Cohle quietly thanks him. Will's shoulders round in, shrugging, hands smoothing out his pants and then spreading into his pockets. "Consider it an apology for cuffing you earlier." Although in his defense, you'd pulled a gun on him first, Cohle.

Will sinks into his heels, then paces, slowly listening for any footsteps beyond the windowless door. When he turns back, guilty suspicions prickling at the nape of his neck, Will can't help but comment on the obvious. "You're high." He crosses his arms against his chest, uncomfortable but still forging ahead. "Do you-- need anything for that? I mean." He forces himself to stand still, eyes tracking up to the ceiling. "We have EMTs that work with us a lot. It's been a while I went to a conference on street drugs, but I was pretty sure hospitals carry antagonists for meth." Assuming that's what's got this guy all jumpy. It's definitely what they found on him, at least.

And if 'antagonist for meth' is really just code for 'you look like you could use a Valium while we wait on when to ship you back to Texas and your angry senior officer handler', well.

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