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Detective Rustin Cohle ([personal profile] littlepriest) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2017-02-28 05:54 pm (UTC)

Once Graham begins his call, Rust lets his attention wander across the room -- rather, he finds it difficult to keep his focus on the other man. It's surreal, being in a holding room; Rust hasn't been in one of these since...

His eyes slide closed as a pang washes through his cranium -- memories of folders and coffee and odd scent of a clean yet dingy building. Two fucking years. Is that how long Rust has waited to die?

Graham begins to speak with someone in Houston, a receptionist from the sound of it, but the words spill away from his ears. Next his gaze crawls over to the windowless door, thinking of how odd it feels to be on, in all technicality, 'this side' of the law. He has an unfair advantage over any law-breaking citizens: even having shattered more laws in two years than many will in their lives, Rust will walk free. Toad sure as hell won't though, and while it's a point accidentally played for another team, he isn't getting out of Louisiana anytime soon, and Rust can live with that. Guy is a fucking moron.

Graham's words finally trap his attention, between lulls of static wriggling at the outer corners of his vision and the waves of pain rippling through his skull. He still has instincts of Crash lying just under the surface, and for a moment, he can't remember how Rust would respond.

Instead, he somehow picks up on Graham's private train of thought. "I won't say 'you're welcome' just yet, not before you're done redacting half the shit you and your partner record. Guess I should just apologize now."

His eyes flick down to the tile floor. "Hill will take care of most of it, prob'ly tell you what to put in your report, after she n' I decide on the official story. We're gonna have to figure something out about Toad." It's messy but not impossible. Rust doesn't think that they will actually have to lie and say they found the crystal on Toad instead, but...well, it's not outside the realm of morality for any law enforcing department, let's be honest.

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