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Hannibal only makes uncomfortable things easier for others when he absolutely has to, to earn their trust or to avoid losing it completely. But in this case, Hannibal thinks that some degree of discomfort is what's needed. To incite Tate into coming outside of the shell he's constructed for himself, he's going to need true incentive. Sometimes a stick works better than a carrot.

Tate absolutely needs both, of course. So Hannibal doesn't verbally reassure him at first, doesn't say that he understands why Tate was withholding information from him. But Hannibal does nod, face understanding and smoothed away from accusation.

And then Tate meets his eyes again, and his message culminates. Hannibal feels the dwindling tension in the room flare briefly, embers showering sparks in their wake. "I would not give up on my patient if I thought they were still capable of positive growth. And I've been given no reason to not believe that of you, Tate." Hannibal is still within arms reach of him, but the window for physically reassuring has passed. His presence is still heavy, directed at Tate in an unmistakeable way. "You should not ignore the effect that motivation can have on success. Talent will not get you far without the application of those skills."

A smile crosses his face, the moon clearing of clouds. "I've heard you often say you would like to get better. If you put in true effort towards it, I think your desire will let you succeed. After all." His eyes never leave Tate's. "You are not alone in this journey."

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