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Under more normal circumstances, Tate would take the bait on Doctor Lecter's remark about 'presentability.' He might agree that baggy jeans and a wrinkled button up might not pass for a job interview, but stuffing a handkerchief into your pocket doesn't necessarily make that distinction between 'casual' and 'chic.'

The remark about always being honest is something that makes Tate feel a little queasy, already feeling reprimanded and even knowing that he isn't. His mood drops into something a little more somber, if not uncomfortable, as he shifts and glances down to the floor.

But the hand on him keeps him from wriggling around too much, even after it's gone. It gently reminds him that he's off the hook, for now, in terms of claiming responsibility for the things Ben decided to throw out on the table today. He isn't quite ready for any of that yet, but it's an uncomfortable weight that's just been dropped on his shoulders that seems to feel heavier when Hannibal looks at him.

That weight, though, feels lighter when Hannibal continues. Tate looks at him almost disbelievingly; he has to wonder to himself, has anyone ever opted to not harass, manipulate, or drag truths out of him before? Willingly? It's almost a suspicious thing to lay down before someone like him, and it flickers across his face a moment. Tate can see how this would be effective as a tactic from psychiatrist to patient, and he reminds himself that that is what Doctor Lecter learned to do: use tactics like these for his patients.

The admission for earning his trust is far less paranoia-triggering, though, even if it's followed by something much less appetizing to hear.

"Look," Tate starts suddenly, softly, more pleading than anything. "I wasn't trying to play games with you, it's...that stuff Ben was talking about, it's really hard for me to like, open a conversation with."

Tate pauses and he looks away from Hannibal back down to the floor. "I've done had things, I was open with you about that. I know they were bad things. I didn't...want that to be the first thing you knew about me. I wanted you to see that I'm more than just the terrible things I did, so that maybe..." He manages to look the doctor in the eye for this. "Maybe, you wouldn't give up on my case like everyone else did."

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