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In troubling times, Hannibal's affected eccentricities can often offer a nice way of breaking the ice that can freeze over conversations. There is humor in the absurd, a space to be squeezed between points when you bring in a non sequitur.

In less pretentious language: Hannibal is completely alright with Tate laughing at his pocket square, because it's the mood changer he'd been trying for. Hannibal's eyes on him remain heavy, though, even if they're without any malice. "Some of us still try to look presentable when going about our days." Murmured while Tate collects himself, wipes down his own face.

Hannibal imagines what it would have felt like to do that for him - to physically mask him again, help him place himself back together into a socially-acceptable facade.

Not yet.

"I will always hope you are being honest with me, Tate." Hannibal accepts the pocket square. He puts forth quite a lot of effort into not looking disappointed with the folding job. He does not place it back into his jacket pocket to stain said jacket.

The hand on Tate's shoulder, so still it might have been forgotten, makes itself known by pressing down and squeezing, more of an intent than a movement. And then it pulls away, like a bird needing to dig in against its surface before taking off. "Although I will not often pester you for those truths. If I ask a question, I will leave it up to you about answering honestly the first time." Even if I suspect you're lying, Tate, his tone seems to imply. He doesn't look annoyed at the expectation - the knowledge - that Tate has not always been forthcoming, however.

"Trust can only be gained on both party's terms. I would not insist on forcing you." Hannibal watches him seriously. His gaze looks down, suggesting apology. "Although I will point out that knowing that you withhold important parts of yourself from both of us may effect our relationship over time."

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