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Tate Langdon ([personal profile] go_away) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2016-07-06 04:58 pm (UTC)

This is different from what Tate is already anticipating. There is no threatening sting to the air, no pressure that presses in on Tate like a trash compactor. Hannibal immediately shows him gentle care when he speaks and steps toward him. This time, Tate does not feel a flinch hiding beneath his raw skin. A hand finds his shoulder and it doesn't seek to grab him by the collar.

Tate's shoulder sinks with exasperated relief, and his eyes show a dim glow of it. He is nearly disbelieving of what he is hearing, the investment in his well being above everything that just unfolded before them. He swallows, throat clear, and it surprises him how great that feeling is. He tries to remember the last time someone stopped to consider his feelings after a volatile argument...and, damn, he really can't think of anything.

He opens his mouth to respond, but something rises into his periphery that successfully distracts him. The cloth from Hannibal's pocket. It's a quiet moment with Tate staring at it before he responds with anything -- and the best he's got is a weak laugh.

"Holy shit," he breathes, surprised at how easy he's finding it to laugh. He sniffs. "I didn't think this sorta thing existed outside of old movies."

He's not sure why, but he's taking the pocket square. After a tentative beat, he rubs his cheeks and eyes with it -- not very gracefully, but save your judgement. He's going to save the snot-swiping for his shirt sleeves.

A deep, rattling breath. Another sniff. Are you all right, Tate? "That's kind of a loaded question, though," he starts, looking back at the doctor, holding out his pocket-thing. Folding was attempted for it, even if not aesthetically pleasing. He looks a little sheepish now. "Can I be honest? I'm...I'm not all right, but..." Gaze falls away, and he drags the back of his hand up the underside of his nose quickly, more of a tick than anything. "But I'm...I'm fine." God, that sounds stupid. If he were honest, he would never answer that question with a 'yes,' but you kind of get used to not being all right after long enough.

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