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Fuck fuck fuck fuck -- Tate wants to melt right through the floor. He can, though: he is lucky and has the actual capability to disappear during an uncomfortable situation, but this is so much more than just uncomfortable. Tate's lips crush together in their frown to keep his climbing rage bolted down. He's never reached this level of upset in front of Doctor Lecter before, and he's convinced that Ben is trying to rile him up this much to prove his point about how 'dangerous' he is.

Funny, because all he feels like he is now is powerless. Ben outs him to Hannibal, connects him to a death he never wanted or intended, tells him Tate is deceiving him. He can feel himself trembling as he glares through the deep waves of his pale fringe. Yeah? Well, it wouldn't take a genius to paint Ben Harmon to look like such a massive prick either. He has just as much involvement in Hayden's death as Tate does with Vivien's, but it doesn't look like Ben's owning up to that one any time soon.

'Don't let him trap you here, too.' Tate's lips split apart to hang aghast. Violet trapped herself here. Dying in childbirth trapped Vivien. Ben was trapped here by Hayden -- and now they're all here together as one big happy family. Why doesn't Tate get to have someone to be with, too?

Just when things can't possibly get worse, the hammer finally drops. Hannibal responds to Ben's argument in kind...he fucking agrees with him. He confirms what he's been saying this whole time. Tate's expression seems to spread with a flash of alarm, breath pitching quietly as he feels panic and betrayal hit his guts.

Hannibal turns to him and Tate gets that pang of instinct to run into the nearest corner and hide. He feels like he knows what's coming. A hand lifts up and he nearly gasps, limbs stiffening as he's hit with the sensation of threat. When he did something wrong as a child, he was punished. The only thing he ever reacted to was physical reprimand. Tate's eyes flinch shut and he's paralyzed with dread, a shockwave that passes over him and feels electric; a lamp nearby on a table flickers just slightly when the sensation of fear rocks through him.

But instead of a palm flying in and slamming him on the cheek, it floats and rests there, fingertips barely hooking the curve of his face, warm and dry. Tate's eyes flash open, wide and on Hannibal's. The expectation of being hit was so strong that he almost thinks he can feel it stinging his skin. When Hannibal talks to Ben again, Tate is beyond dazed, and if you were to have him repeat what was said, he would fail tremendously at it.

Ben, however, it's very attentive to Doctor Lecter's words. He works to keep the surprise off his face at the clear display of possession Hannibal is presenting to him; something about it makes Ben feel like he's observing something strangely intimate, the kind that colors the air in the room with embarrassment.

Hannibal sure knows how to dig a knife in while seeming completely congenial, though. Doctor Harmon watches the smooth marble-faced expression while Lecter flips between accusatory and placating, telling him that he has every right to refuse Tate the satisfaction of being forgiven for all the shit he has caused for him and his family. Well, it's a relief that some of his point got across successfully.

But it's still no surprise to see Hannibal drop the iron door on the subject. Ben now watches Tate more intently than he has before and thus far, gaze like a coiled snake, but a snake that will not be given an opportunity to strike.

Because, honestly, Ben actually kind of gets it. When he speaks, he is looking at the living doctor once again. "Doctor Lecter...I can tell you're not stupid," he begins softly; it's not condescending in the slightest. "And I don't know what Tate's making you see in him that draws you in so willingly, but that's none of my business; I'm not your therapist." There's a hint of a smile at that, amused.

It dies quickly. "But if you want to help that kid -- and I mean, really, truly help him -- then you need to know the truth. It's not my right to oust him for everything, because you know what? I still don't know everything. But I know enough.

"If he doesn't stop his game of selective and half-hidden truths, though...well, you'll just be wasting your time, and I'd be really sorry to see that happen to you."

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