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Tate Langdon ([personal profile] go_away) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2016-07-05 01:33 pm (UTC)

It's like a chill that descends over them when Doctor Lecter walks in the room. Tate's eyes scan the floor where books have been thrown and feels an inking of self-awareness trickle down his spine, tapping into a dull panic he has on permanent reserve when someone gets angry with him. He stares at the back of Hannibal's skull with something building up to dread.

Hannibal looks at him, and Tate tries to swallow down the knot in his throat. Is he angry at him? His face says nothing but his eyes pierce like knives, and Tate has to fight the instinct to throw his hands up to his face for protection. Constance typically looked like that right before her 'reprimands.'

The two men begin to speak, slow and measured openings preceding Ben taking a couple full on strikes against Tate. Now the teenager is starting to feel like he wants to throw things. His lungs seem to grind for breath as every word slices him. His hands ball up into fists.

Until one remark triggers him like a landmine; he steps to the side to see Doctor Harmon again. "I didn't kill your family!" Tate cries as if accused for doing so, and not just circumstantial involvement. Ben sighs but it does nothing to deflate his frustration -- that seeks to be swelling into anger, finally.

"That baby you put in my wife? That killed her," he returns, voice an eerie, tremoring low tone. Tate goes uncannily still, face dropping like a glass to the floor, shattering. Fuck. Fuck, he didn't want Hannibal to know that just yet. "And don't think for a minute that you weren't one of those final forces that tipped Violet over the edge to kill herself," Ben adds through practically gritted teeth.

Wait...what? Tate's eyes sharpen with anger, but any words he might have are stifled by that knot that seems to launch back up into the top of his throat. That...that's not true, Violet had so much messed up shit happening to her. Dad cheating, parents splitting up, hating school, she talked about it all with Tate, not her dad. Tate wanted to help her, he made her happy sometimes and kept her from being alone... Blond hair shakes a side to side 'no' with denial.

"That's not true..." Tate whines, almost inaudibly soft, as he seems to sink down into his sweater and long hair. New tears pour down his grimacing face. "It wasn't my fault!"

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