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"You seem to know a lot for someone who likes to look at churches," Lydia points out, a single eyebrow raised. "Are you religious?" Or perhaps just a philosopher at heart? Well, Hannibal is a psychiatrist, and if he has read only half of the books in this room, then he must have a pretty good understanding of people... And most are religiously-inclined, aren't they?

Lydia doesn't know what she feels about religion; she doesn't pray or worship, but she has been given a glimpse of what life after death is. Oh, but she could never tell Hannibal about any of that... But she can agree that churches are beautiful to look at; not often can you walk into a room and see life-sized statues of people gazing up to the sky in agony, pleading silently for mercy, amid a large display of Jesus strung up on a cross. She thinks it's funny how that imagery is only appropriate in a place like that.

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