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Fate that still leaves a person with control -- Lydia finds herself intrigued by the blending of black and white concepts, enjoys the shades of grey.

However, she isn't sure that she believes in God; she has encountered three ghosts and none of them ever talked about Heaven or God. Barbara and Adam have never seen Him. Two wonderful, kind people -- how could they not deserve the right to go to Heaven if it truly exists? That's not really an argument that Lydia can make to Hannibal, though.

But could there be a God? Perhaps not the same one they're discussing, but one of the same basic concept?

As living beings, Lydia supposes that it's not possible for her or Hannibal to know, only to speculate. Perhaps, even to keep in mind when attempting to interpret life's unnatural oddities.

Hannibal invites Lydia to follow, who does so without cause for hesitation. Apparently his office contains some secret room -- and there it is, a quaint and compact kitchenette. She seems momentarily distracted by its charm, but it doesn't keep her from her thoughts for too long.

"I didn't expect you to be so religious," Lydia comments, standing in the doorway -- well, it may be more appropriate to say draped upon the doorframe. "Were you like, a priest or something?" To her, it's an obvious conclusion. Who else would talk about God in such detail?

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