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Hannibal doesn't gasp or coo at her photographs, but that's okay. She can see that he is looking at them, watches as his eyes move over detail and shape and composition. He opens a dialogue on the medium, a comment so agreeable and on-point that Lydia has no need to pose an argument.

The use of black and white is definitely to enhance -- and to emulate the point of view of the artist. She herself, in her mind's eye, thinks back to this day preserved in film and does not see her memories in color. As if the clouds that brought the rain were their own colorless filter on the world around her.

She doesn't perceive a rainy day as depressing, not often; they are far more inspiring for opening her artistic eye.

But he passes over something, a detail in the last photo. Lydia momentarily swells in anticipation of him noticing, only to deflate slightly when he offers her a conclusive compliment.

"Didn't you...notice something?" She lures, smiling, reaching politely for the final photo still in Hannibal's hand. Holding it with a thin right hand, she points to the lower left hand corner.

"You're in the photo too; look, it's your coat."

Indeed it is: while blended conspicuously into the background in charcoal shades, someone familiar with Hannibal's dress might recognize the coat, and the slight flicker of a wrist. His dress slacks, however, are almost indistinguishable from the background.

Lydia seems pleased, very nearly beaming with some sort of amusement at the fact.

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