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The music stops, and in such a way that suggests that it definitely was a recording and not being played live. Lydia takes a step back from the door and waits, hands clutching the strap of her bag.

Well, Hannibal isn't mad that she showed up to his business unannounced. This is already enough to make Lydia smile warmly.

"Yeah, I was eager...like, a week ago." It's been a while and Lydia never got that phone call she was promised. But, she gets it. Adults are always using 'busy' as an excuse to forget things...not as if it's not called for. Her parents are constantly busy.

Her attention shifts and her eyes flick down -- gaze level with Hannibal's pocket square, but passes through him -- and Lydia cranes her neck slightly. "Unless you're busy with some crazy patient or something," she whispers now, but looking almost...eager as her eyes return to the man's face.

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