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Hannibal the Cannibal {Dr Hannibal Lecter} ([personal profile] itrhymes) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2016-01-28 09:19 pm (UTC)

Life, like cooking, is the sort of thing that needs a strong base of practice and consistency, but which is made truly interesting by the occasional spices. Hannibal's life is a long roster of reliable routines: his psychiatry practice and the accounting and business laws that come along with it. His large house, and the occasional, scheduled hiring of help to maintain the yard, the harpsichord. Keeping his license to practice updated. Getting fresh produce weekly at a trusted farmer's market and fresh meat from butchers. Morning jogs, evening swims, and the sort of public gym displays that are seen as dedicated but not shocking from a man his age. All to keep the well-prepared machine that is his public life going as planned.

And then there's the spice. A particularly unpleasant accountant's heart in his freezer. Seeing Die Meistersinger at the Baltimore Lyric Opera House. A snide receptionist in his basement. Discovering the strange child Lydia in the woods after disposing of an old patient just yards away. All of the little surprises that make the day-to-day routines worth it.

Of course, there's always the spices that aren't as palatable. Jennifer Appelbaum, Hannibal's normal secretary, is currently on a vacation - so long as to seem more like a sabbatical. Hannibal invited her to take the unusual vacation, however, citing the oddity of American culture surrounding employee vacation time. She's off in Munich visiting relatives. In her place is a woman with impeccable dress sense, an amazing affinity for numbers, and somewhat less of an ability for keeping a cool head. Hannibal has personally startled her no less than ten times since she began working two weeks ago. The first two were accidental. The last few handfuls have been to break up the monotony of the office.

Hannibal is currently reading the news in his office when the phone rings. Mrs. Amy Blanch's voice comes through the speaker.

Someone to see him. Not a patient. No appointment. They're lucky he's not currently seeing anyone - did they know? Or coincidence? This would be the second time he's had a past patient stop by unannounced, if that is it, so the possibility is there, but he doesn't immediately jump to conclusions. Hannibal is curious, and open in that curiosity. Spice. He asks Blanch to send the guest down the hallway, to the inner waiting area.

And then he waits.

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