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Moritz ([personal profile] asanctuary) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2016-01-07 11:11 pm (UTC)

How does this man know? He looks so sincere, even though his clear frustration, like the fact of knowing about Moritz's impending death is not in question at all. But then how--?

There's a tiny little light in the back of his head, a lot of vague whispers at the backs of taverns and pubs and behind little wrinkled hands at church - magic - but the sense-memory is gone almost as soon as it begins.

This guy just said that he doesn't want to see him die today, words that are burning themselves into Moritz's brain, and then he goes ahead and says he wants to 'keep anything from happenin' to you'. Moritz just stares, a rapid staccato of tears blinked out of his eyes - it's just the first wave, just what was welling at the corners, but the tracks down his pale face are obvious even though he tilts his chin down as though he's trying to hide.

And he realizes he saw something on Morgan's face that he recognizes, in between those things. Morgan...looked...strangely out of it. Unbalanced, distracted - upset, even. For just a moment. Now he looks fine, just as determined as before - the loose edge of maybe-anger seems to be back. Moritz's head is spinning with all of it. "Look," he begins, voice shaky but low and firm. "I...dunno what's goin' on right now, but I'd appreciate it if you'd just tell me now how you know I'm gonna--"

Moritz trails off, staring at Morgan's chest. His pocket, specifically. There's a cigarette sticking out of it, of course, but there's also just the tiny sliver of tin-and-cheap-colored-plastic poking over the edge that means lighter.

"You." Moritz looks back up at Morgan's face, eyes wild. He isn't crying anymore, his voice doesn't crack, but he looks as frenzied as he feels. "You-- you lied, you didn't want a lighter from me, you just wanted--" He runs back through the odd exchange, cheeks flushing with embarrassment and frustration. " just wanted my attention. To make me follow you." This man wasn't interested in him for him, there really was no connection over a mutual homeland. Betrayal is clear on Moritz's face.

But through it all, he starts mechanically nodding. "Okay. Okay, then. Let's just...go. Let's get this over with." He can't imagine what the explanation might be, but at this point, Moritz feels exhausted and on-edge enough that he wants it.

He'll let this loose end tie itself up before he goes home and finishes his plans.

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