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For a moment, Morgan thinks he's gone and scared the other man, going off of how he reacts. It's expected, or so he thinks, because Morgan has no idea that this guy has made plans to die.

And really, it's no real surprise when Mortiz's mood shifts to something a little more defensive, and a bit paranoid to boot. Morgan half-steps back, moreso to give the other man the impression that he isn't trying to impose. He responds with his own voice dialed down a little. "Like I said, I can't explain it here," he answers, adding extra enunciation to his words. "This ain't bullshit though, I can promise you that."

Morgan sighs, rubbing his forehead with his fingers. You could almost say he's starting to look a little timid; he's never had an interception take a turn like this before (Maybe because Morgan usually has way more insight to work on, come to think of it.)

"Look, lemmie you a beer, an' we can talk about it. I can't assure you you'll understand, but I'd really like t' see you not die today."

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