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Well, this took a bad turn real quick. Morgan stops short in his invisible path bar-bound, practically twisting at the waist to keep his view of the other guy -- who is apparently retreating backwards on him. "What?" Morgan is less inquisitive and more confused. This is quite the change in mood, even if Moritz has been acting mostly nervous since the beginning of all this. "Are y'sure you...can't go for uh, drink?"

Fuck fuck fuck fuck. He never mentioned being busy, and he didn't need to to make this look really awkward. Accepting then hurriedly bailing is strange enough.

But what can Morgan do? Any more begging to get boozed up with a stranger will look just fucking weird and it's not going to work, clearly.

'He mustn't go.'

Morgan has to resist rolling his eyes. Yeah, great, of course it's not as simple as derailing this guy for a few moments to avoid an unfortunately-timed piano drop. He glances quickly up and to the left: the Raven sits perched on an apartment's minuscule flower box. Yeah, easier said than done...

"I...I'm gonna be honest," Morgan tentatively begins, turning fully around to face, as well as approach, Mortiz. "I have somethin' I should be doin' too; I'm s'pposed to be meetin' someone soon, but..." He shrugs a shoulder. "I'm kinda more int'rested in gettin' a beer with a guy from Kentucky at the moment. So you wouldn't be playin' hooky alone."

(No offense, Lee...!)

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