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The response is pretty simple, but Morgan catches something in Moritz's demeanor that seems to say more than his words. Something must be wrong with this guy; not with him, necessarily, but... Morgan is beginning to wonder if he's just been diagnosed with cancer, or if some family member just died. Morgan has to work to keep from staring at him while trying to figure this man out. He's also wishing the Raven would give him a little more insight right about now. From what he can see from some quick glances around, Raven's taken off somewhere.

But Moritz does answer his question, which gives him something to work with. "Yeah, it...I mean, it ain't easy, but I kinda feel like it has some benefits. I'm sure you're seein' a lot more here than you did back home."

Yeah, Kentucky isn't really that close by...and Moritz here is wearing a backpack. Morgan supposes he might be here for college, but decides he wants to save that conversation for the bar -- and instead asks: "Whassit like? Holland; you said it's like, missing a...library or something?"

The bar, by the way, isn't far from where they are. Morgan leads them to turn at the corner of the block, and from here, it's another two down.

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