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For just a second, it sounds like Moritz his turning him down -- until he specifically agrees to drinks. He still sounds very dubious, and Morgan dreams of a scenario where he can actually try and explain himself and how bizarre he's being.

Actually...the remark Mortiz ends with is surprisingly perfect for him to comfortably segue with, and with an easy laugh. "Funny you ask that. I used t' visit Louisiana a lot, startin' right after high school; lots of my drinkin' buddies were complete strangers." What, did you think Morgan was anti-social? Hardly! It was often pretty interesting, learning about people from all walks of life and eras in modern time. He was so much more impressionable then, and boy, were impressions made.

"So, yeah, that kinda used to be a thing." They've already begun walking up the way Morgan came from, where Moritz happened to be headed. "Not so much nowadays, I guess. It's tough t'talk to people in cities like this, huh?" He looks to Moritz, waiting for his input. He doesn't know shit about Holland, Kentucky, but he assumes this guy hails from a town smaller by some measures than Baltimore.

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