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Moritz ([personal profile] asanctuary) wrote in [community profile] herbgarden 2015-11-07 06:45 pm (UTC)

Moritz can hear the practiced apologies in his head; yeah, it's a weird name, my parents're from Germany but not since like, the 1800s, it's just that my ma was feeling like a big stickler for tradition by the time she was havin' me, so I got the weird name outta the five of us. But Morgan's repetition doesn't come packaged with the expected lifting tone or questioning eyebrow. He's just nailing down something unfamiliar, it seems, without commentary.

Why's this stranger so invested in where he's from that he wants to go get drinks, then, if he doesn't hang up on anything else happening, not the weird name or the aggressive handshake or the sweaty, nearly-neurotic way Moritz is staring at him, like he's expecting to get spit on at any second? It's too many questions for a brain that's been nothing but tunneled self-focus for...months.

Don't wanna intrude. Isn't that the truth, with everyone? Moritz's burning, sore sense of self-pity is striped through with desperation, though - is this guy genuine about wanting to

"'Mnot...hungry, but-- but okay. Sure, we can...drinks're fine." He can't bring himself to say, 'I'm not busy', can't even start that lie, but he can waver the ghost of a smile. It looks more like a pained wince. "Lead the way, then, I guess." He runs a hand against the grain of his stubble-like hair, barely affecting the lay of it - it's short enough that it just stands up no matter what.

"You, uh-- don't often run into other southerners, but d'you often go to bars with strangers?"

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